Mario Cart 64 (Request)

Hello! I have seen a lot of games! 3d maps and games like outrun! I am a big fan of Mario Cart 64 for the N64! I have a N64 at home and it takes a while to build up! (My dad is the endboss in any Mario game… he had it since he was a kid) Anyway! I wanted to ask you if you could make Mario Cart 64! (Everybody can help) I have 0 experience with 3d stuff… I have no code done! I can help with research and art! Thanks!

What can you do?
  • Yes (Help with art, sounds and more)
  • Yes (I will start the code)
  • Maybe
  • No I’m not interessed

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Ok! @GameGod started/starts the code! We (@ggiscool , @Agent_14 and me) will do what gamegod needs! So gamegod if you need art or something! Tell us! And thanks! Btw! Can you make it so that the meowbit can play it? So just not too much storage space and not too much happening at the same time in the code!
Thanks again! (tell what you need exactly! E.g the images! What size? How many?..)

DahbixLP, I can make character sprites, but I don’t know how to do recasting yet, maybe we could use 3d map (

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I’m working on the mechanics behind the actual tracks and the NPCs- - an experiment (which is kind of buggy) I also added some extensions that might be needed

Mario Kart x64 with 100% less bugs :slight_smile: