Back again!


Yep, you heard/saw that right. I’m back. With 2 new games. And I’m happy to announce that

I am making the very first Arcade Networked Game! (yay me?)

So yes, the post about me being near a host to COVID wasn’t a joke! But instead of just panicking, I tested negative!


Happy that you tested negative!

About that spoiler

I am very interested in seeing how you will get a multi-player game in MakeCode Arcade. Please post updates!

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I will! Trust me!


Yeh me too I want to know how you are going to do this.

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How are you doing online multiplayer? A random thought that I had was a chrome extension could extract the console log output, but Idk how hard that would be, as well as importing that data into the simulator.


I have no idea. (0 _ O)0

There is a radio extension

go to the edit section

And that is what I’m using!

So, when’s that multiplayer game coming along?

July 2023 or sooner.

i’ll wait for that then lol