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Been using the Buildbee 3D modeling tool --- extending it?

I’ve begun using @jfo8000 's nifty:

and had some questions (which I’ve posted to a couple of places and mailed in to their site and started a ticket on) and was hoping to pick up some information and maybe to pitch in and help out maybe.

Found this where it was listed on the curated code site:

at the beginning of the year, and finally had occasion to experiment with it.

It looks really cool, and is a nice fit for the way that I work, except I’m a bit puzzled over some things. I couldn’t see a way to raise an issue at:

so please pardon my asking these questions here (I also sent an e-mail to the address and as noted above, started a ticket).

If there’s some other venue to pose these questions, please let me know and I’ll redirect — looked, but couldn’t find a forum specifically for this (but was directed here from Reddit).

If I understand correctly, the Python code view is inherited from the base MakeCode project and there isn’t a way to run the code in Python? If that’s the case, what would be involved in adding support so that that would be feasible? If that was worked up, would there be some way to get the resultant program to show a graphical interface where the parameters could be adjusted?

It would be a nice fit for how I work, and looks to be a better option than BlockSCAD which I’ve been using:

It’s not possible to write out files, or get anything other than a 3D model from the code — would it be possible to add support for writing out text files? (or is that present and I’m not seeing it) Would it be possible to add support for writing out 2D versions of designs using DXFs or SVGs?