PXT Blocks for Block Editor

It would be good if there was a PXT Block for Block Editor as well as Java/Python
I can really Code in Java/Python but if there was a PXT Block Editor I could be away with this building my own blocks to use and others to use.

Please can you make this happen Microsoft Makecode


Hi Tim!
Thanks for your message. I’m not super clear on what you’re asking for, but we do support you creating custom blocks as extensions. More information here: Building your own extension (makecode.com). And you can use the Playground to see what your blocks look like https://makecode.com/playground. Hope this helps!

Hi @jacqueline.russell
I was trying to ask if someone can add blocks in makecode block editor because I can’t program in Java and python very well and I wonder if Microsoft Makecode can do this in a future update

Basically I’m asking if can someone turn all the code I need in block editor form Java or python into block inside block editor

And then I be away


Hi Tim,
Well, there are a lot of experienced MakeCode extension creators on this Forum. Perhaps someone can help you with this…? You could post a message asking for help and detailing exactly what functionality you need. There might already be blocks that do what you’re asking - there’s a lot of really cool extensions that people have written…
Hope that helps!