Black Market V.3

UPDATE!: added a new quest and salesman in the game!

Lore / storyline; It has been years since the old government been overthrown by a new + corrupt one. Ever since then, there has been some shady things committed by the US president along with many other government officials.

Your mission? Try to catch some dirt on the current US president, Rev, (Which may also result in the overthrow of the new government) who was last seen doing some stuff inside a notorious black market where nobody can be trusted… However, do not forget, nowhere is safe with the new government controlling the country… Try and make it out alive with plenty of information.

ARGP: features some gore, dark parts and some unsettling things for users… therefore, the recommended age is 18+


Sounds so awesomely cool. Kinda of reminds me of the morbid story of Papers Please

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