Black Market V.4

UPDATE: The game is now around halfway done, added more levels and another NPC + quest

Storyline: 10 years ago, all government parties were killed, the president along the old government were all slaughtered by a group that would soon be known as the new government. Current US president Rev has been spotted in a black market and is planning something sinister… Your job is to stop him and the new government before its too late. Along the way, you will see untrustworthy people, talk to your experienced boss through a wire, secretly spy on the most notorious out of all criminals, and the government’s true feathers.

ARGP: Game consists of graphic gore, dark storylines, and unsettling things that may prove disturbing to players. Recommended age is 18+.



But, there is no 18+ rating?

Then I’d assume you, as the creator are also over 18, @Taser?

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He’s 15, he said so a couple weeks ago

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That’s what I’m saying, it’s ironic to rate a game 18 and above when you yourself as the creator don’t meet that standard… that’s why I’m against implementing a 18+ rating, since a vast majority of forum users are not above that threshold

What about the small majority of people who are 18+?

Well, great for them I suppose, but limiting a game to such a small audience is pointless… especially if the creator themselves is a minor

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yea, I get your point

I feel like we shouldn’t encourage making games 18+ but even so I feel like the mods would just ban the post.

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That’s also true, if something is bad enough to be rated for adults, it probably doesn’t belong on the forums…

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Yeah… I get what you mean, I’ll bump the ARGP down to a 13+ or 15+. @Sarge

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