Blobbey Q & A

A lot of people are doing these… so yeah. I’m doing one too.

Ask me questions about coding, my favorite foods, or other stuff!


What’s your favorite song?

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  1. Fav color?
  2. Pronouns?
  3. If you could go to college right now, what would you major in?
  4. Secret bonus question, whats the picture of the bird ?
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Favorite type of chicken?


hi, what are your hobbies other than coding, and what is your favorite thing to code?

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@AD_0211, that’s a hard one! I have a lot of favorite songs! I think I’d choose Symphony by Imagine Dragons though.

@randomuser, I would say my favorite color is green. My pronouns are he/him. If I went to college right now, I would probably major in engineering or something like that. My profile picture is of a Crested Caracara, a bird native to the southern US, as well as areas of Mexico.

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@Opisticks, my favorite type of chicken is chicken strips or chicken nuggets.

@NobodyNomad, one of my non-code hobbies would be reading. I read a LOT. And, as far as my favorite thing to code, it would probably be coding games as of now.

i love reading a lot too! actually it is kind of a problem because i run out of books every day.