TheGreenArtist Q&A

This is such a trend… Lol! Ask Me Questions!


What is your favorite chicken?

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Have you used any game engines other than makecode?

Which is your favourite armour from Metroid?

Did you play Metroid Dread?

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For Food: Fried Chicken
For The Animal: The Sussex Chicken.

I have Used Game Maker Studio 2.
For the armor i gotta go with gravity.
And Sadly no i haven’t played Metroid Dread.

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Favorite color? (if its green… second favorite?)
If you were to go to college right now, disregarding if you had already been in college, what would you major in?

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So first my fav color is purple other than green.
You are my fav pronoun.
And honestly i would get a major in software engineering!

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Sir, I don’t think we can handle the sus meter on this one, we gotta do a takedown!

i’d say language but that is a legitimate chicken breed.


Uh Oh!!! Incoming cops!