Blobby The Blob

Hello I have working on a game for 3 months and I wanted to see what the Forum thought of it!
I have a version with and without guiding arrows




great game! could use more levels and harder bosses though.

I know.

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This game is interesting and we may be able to use it with two Meowbits and SD Wireless to steer a bot car while moving Blobby with arrow presses. There is a good explanation on Wikipedia about “bossses” and “boss” for non-gamers. We have "story’ extension now in Arcade. I sent the game via cell phone to a friend, a gamer, she played it easily on her iPhone, and asked why all the A button presses to get through the text narrative ? Was that intentional or could ‘story’ be use to play the text without A presses: maybe even with clicking sound effects as text letters are printed ? We will report back with a video if we can drive the bot car while playing the Blobby game: it should make a strange route while our bot car follows the arrows on the TFT screen. (see YouTube: MakeCode and Hardware channel for vids of Meowbit as a controller.) Thanks again for this Blobby game.