Presenting: Lost in Space

This is not a finished game but this version is, in my opinion, already fun to play (looking for your feedback).

The game was made with blocks. The levels are procedurally generated so it never ends.

I have tried it on a development card based on STM32F411 and it works pretty well (at least until I loose…).

I plan to implement a kind of boss at the end of each level and maybe some changes on up and down tiles. Also need some sound effect.


this is great! i love the art and i agree that it’s already really fun to play :slight_smile: i’m excited to play it with the boss fights as well! if you have time for more additions, it might be cool to see power-ups that change the type of bullet you shoot (diagonal bullets, two at a time, etc) or enemies that break into smaller enemies when you shoot them

Thank you for your feedback. I’m currently adding the boss fight but don’t expect too much !! :smile: It will be a big sprite that will shoot quickly and need to be shot several times before being destroyed.
I note your suggestions of new features. I’m really interesting in implementing different kind of bullets or more enemies. Stay tuned ! :wink:

The game has been updated with boss at the end of a level and another kind of bullet for your tiny ship.

Enjoy !


Thank you @3issa, we have adapted your new game to our “motors” and bot car. It can now be played on our Meowbit and also run the car, all in the same code. We thought the Meowbit may not handle all the programming but it does work, Video. Also, there is a complete parts list and links to 4 YouTube channels in the description: