Blocky Splatoon (Updated)

That Other one was filled with bugs so HERE’S AN UPDATE!
-Score (Bug Fixes)

  • New Turf Bar (To show whos winning)
  • Splating is different
    I fixed lots of things! Thanks for playing!

I love it this is an amazing game. Overall great job

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@Galorlx Thanks Man! I really appreciate It! (I was Pretty Lazy with it tho lol)

Its great just that the unbeatable isnt unbeatable

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i just came back from finishing splatoon 2 and can immediately see It as turf war, but the game mechanics themselves were ngl pretty confusing compared to the original game. cool idea though!

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@personalnote What Confused You? Was it A too shoot?
@CajadeCarton9900 Yea. Its just A title for him Lol! If you try the first version tho…You’ll see why I had to nerf him.

The Other Version Had Some Bugs. I fixed them in this version!
I Made The Stages Alittle Larger for better gameplay!

(P.s People asked me to make a 2-player Mode! Its currently in development!)

I also Updated to Turf Bar in this version

no, it was stuff like health and some other visual effects that I’m used to seeing in the original game

OK Like How The Ink Splats on your screen when You Take Damage?

No, it was just confusing, to say the least. I don’t remember what made me confused, but I remember just being confused generally.

Oh, Ok! (I’ve honestly stopped working on this game)