Boss Rush

what about a sentient disembodied mustache as a boss? and/or a chicken or duck?

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What does it do? @NobodyNomad

Hey Everybody!
Boss Rush Beta 0.3 is going to take me some time…
I may post it around the weekend, so, yeah…
BTW @NobodyNomad and @TheConeGuy boss ideas will be added

here is a sneak peak of updates:
New High Score System
Boss 5 and 6

I have some big unit tests coming up in school, so wish me luck!!

If you look at the code and play the game, i made it have 3 or 4 different abilities. this was a while back

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Bock Boss rush is actually going to be paused…
It’s because I have a minecraft mod i’m working on, and it’s very big…
but mostly, I have SOL reviews coming up soon…
So, i will see you guys soon on updates on Block Boss Rush