Microsoft MakeCode

Breadboard does not appear

I am new to Maker and am trying the Blinky and Button LED tutorials. I have tried multiple types of boards in both Chrome and Edge and I cannot get the breadboard to appear in anything. Is there something I’m supposed to install or run? Should I use a different browser?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

I will try this with your Metro. Do you mean by “breadboard” the simulator ? Or do you mean a 'Fritzing" type of breadboard wiring as in Arduino ? this works for me:

Well, I have not tried actually wiring up my Metro but on the simulator this works for me. Can you be more specific what your question is? Lady Ada made this board to blink an onboard LED as a test, I guess:

I am just trying to use the simulator. I have chosen a few of the different board options - adafruit gemma, sparkfun redboard, adafruit metro - and have followed the Blinky and Button LED tutorials completely. The breadboard does not show up in the simulator. I’ve tried in both Chrome and Edge browsers. Not sure what else to do.

I may not be correct in this @MrsDeuitch , but a year or two ago I was informed that “maker” was really not intended to be fully functional educational as are simulators with MakeCode Microbit and Makecode Arcade. But were set up for testing and research for Makecode developers and contributors. I tried it with several boards as you mentioned and sometimes it worked on=board but never with an off-board simulator as I recall. But that is just from my memory of it and since I am not a developer I don’t have much more info than this.

I have the same problem. No Led appear… Problem on the maker website?