Bug drawing 32x32 tiles?

I’ve made a tile map using 32x32 tiles instead 16x16

It works, but tiles disappear while moving along scene showing annoying black parts like this:


You can test it here ( i’ve made a simple example for testing )

There is any way to solve it ?

Non-16x16 tiles aren’t supported quite yet – see [bug] can't make tilemaps that would use 8x8 tiles

The pull request linked in that post will be in beta in a few days, though, so you’ll be able to test out the game then - you’ll be able to see when it shows up there when the set tile map to block gains an optional parameter that you can set to 32x32 like this:


Thank you. i’ll wait to test that beta

The tilemap fix is in /beta now.


Works very well now. I’ll post my game soon

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Thanks, this is great to have the option for the different tile sizes!

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