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[News] Upcoming tilemap editor for Arcade

Hey folks,

We’ve been working on a new experience for editing tilemaps in Arcade and it’s finally far enough along that I wanted to share a little teaser! Here’s a quick preview:


New features (this list is subject to change):

  1. See your tiles in the editor: Instead of an image that maps to tiles, you can now see the tiles directly in the map you are editing
  2. 256 tiles per map: Up from the previous limit of 16
  3. Only one block required: No more assigning images to colors; tiles are created inside the same editor as the map and shared between all tilemaps in your project
  4. Draw walls anywhere: You can now paint walls directly onto the map
  5. Tile gallery: Use any of our built-in tile assets easily

That looks outstanding! A highly welcome addition :slight_smile:

Can I ask for one thing, though? I have always found it useful to be able to create tile maps programmatically by creating an image - adding one pixel per tile made it easy and quick - so I’d love to have some additional API to do the same with this style of tile map, if there’s no other way to do it.

There will still be APIs that can be used programmatically, but they might be JavaScript only. We’re still figuring out what we will surface in blocks.

All existing projects will continue working as they do now; we’ll be hiding the old blocks in the toolbox but they will stay if you already have them in your project. Those old APIs will also still be available in JavaScript but we’ll mark them as deprecated.

Programmatic tilemaps in blocks might be good as an extension (like animation is today).


Works for me. Thank you!

Thanks!!! Looks great!!!


That looks so good. A lot of the updates, like the new gallery images, look (to me at least) like a big platforming game, or a top-down dungeon crawler is in the works.