I am making a bunch of games with the topic “BugBots”.
If you want to you can also make some just for fun.

If you want to make one, the game should be grayscale. Use the color fading extension to get grayscale.

The main character should be a BugBot. Create your own bots if you want to!

Here is mine. His name is B-TL (Beetle). He is holding his pickaxe (It is a mining game) -

Have fun! I would love to see your games if anyone makes them.


I am going to submit a ton of games

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will do i will start to work on it

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Cool beans

I think im going to make a good backstory for this one!

This is usable lol https://makecode.com/_bAKK56HmY971
Go to the cat for instructions

This is cool! If any wants to draw some, here’s a game that starts with the grayscale color palette defined in the pxt.json settings file, so that the image editor will show the right colors: https://makecode.com/_h8MdpuJyaYsp

There’s not a huge difference in doing this using my color extension vs the settings at runtime, but it’s helpful when drawing them to have the right color palette!


Finally! This is epic!

Some big bugs that i will fix tomorrow

This is not mandatory. One or two colors can be vibrant :paintbrush:.

Here’s a good resource for color palettes (not microsoft affiliated): https://lospec.com/palette-list

Arcade supports up to 15 colors (0 is always transparency). It’s on my todo list to make switching between palettes easier, right now it’s pretty hidden.

Nice! :+1:

Made one!

The highest durability pickaxe I got was 240.

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How can I make it so that it saves your progress?

Nice mining game. I don’t know how to save progress though


@GameGod to save progress, you want to use the settings extension. Let me know if you need any examples for how to use it.

FYI: If you use too much data, your game will crash and everything will be deleted. You might not run into it but if you’re trying to save the state of every single block it might be tricky. If that happens, let me know and we can maybe figure out a solution.

Also, by “everything will be deleted” I just mean the saved data. Your code will be fine!

I just want to save the durability they got. Can you show me how?