Burgers Wars Update V0.2 - Space Shooter

Burger Wars V0.2 The Clichést Space Shooter(03.04.21) Update notes: -

  1. Included sprite in splash screen start-up
  2. Included cliché cutscreen with really bad art and forced dialogue to start with
  3. Burgers now shoot sm0l burgers at you (you can still be protected by your shield)
  4. Health powerups (animated)
  5. A target of 200 burgers to destroy to win… until I make levels and bosses

Note: I’ve tried this on my Meowbit and it destroys the memory causing it to crash… probably because I’ve thrown so much into on game update 500ms…

Post your suggestions and feedback to make it more cliché and cringey.

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Awesome! I haven’t coded a game like galaga for some time!