Yet another boring space shooter

The boss seems overwhelmingly powerful in first encounters, but every enemy down makes your ship better. Keep fighting.


Better to play in game console where your exp and upgrades are save in flash.

Edit: hmmmm, looks like too hard to gain exp if play alone in browser mode, try to change bossHp and weapon attack in onstart() / introSaving()
I loaded it into a meowbit for students to play between periods, after 2 weeks time, they successfully upgraded to level 6 and one of them managed to get first down of the shark boss in several minutes.

TODO: create an arcade style leaderboard showing their exp contributions.



From the look of that gif, doesn’t look boring at all!

that laser is so cool looking!

Awesome game!

I can’t seem to damage the boss at all tho, even with level 3 weapon :confused:

How much health did that shark have?!

Looks like this is hitting a regression bug in our share page game player:

If you open up the game in the editor, then your progress is saved correctly. (Like on the meowbit.)

How do you even defeat the shark

@darzu ahhh, thanks for pointing that out, haven’t tested in the share page.

Sorry guys, looks like the current setting make the boring game really boring, leveling up alone. (Although the main idea of this game is to keep my students busy in the meanwhile I could drink some water between periods :upside_down_face: )

Here’s the modified version, the menu button sets weapon level to 128 at which the shark will be finished in one minute’s time.

And then the debut of the fish.

@LCProCODER @Dreadmask197 the shark boss has 10000 hp which means 10000 hits in weapon level 1


That is a lot of health!

Wow @felixtsu! Are you a coding teacher because the biggest hint word are students.
I’m not a teacher but your games are absolutely amazing!

Maybe two players would be more fun so then the boss would be easier and they could work together.

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I’ve gotten the spread shot kind but its really hard to beat him

Yup i got that too

But it’s still hard even when you are at level 128

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The shark gets angry after several hits and then launches a deadly charge attack, moving quickly towards our spaceship, be careful of that, try using the upper / lower bullets to avoid direct confrontation.


I love hard games such as this one. I’m also a speedrunner or play video games as fast as I can without editing but I also look for glitches so I can glitch through walls for shortcuts.

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And heck this is not boring at all

I find glitches like that too!