Button tester

This is a game to check if you your Meowbit, Brainpad arcade, ect. buttons are working.

Why I made this game:

This week I decided to challenge myself to make a game on my phone only using java script before the end of the week. This took a few hours and many phone restarts and switch between desktop view and normal view so I could just type and see my code ( please tell me how your experience was and anything you think I should add/fix and my you used it!)



@LuayBenAlaya , this is a very useful experiment to us. Thank you for doing it. We (kid ages,8-14) generally work in blocks. I am trying to encourage the students to move into text coding as often as possible. In your example, that is their only choice. Secondly, I am trying to use the Arcade hardware console as a microcontroller as much as possible; such as an Arduino type controller and as a remote controller so your example fits well with that concept. On a laptop I added the story extension to your example to show the kids step one of text coding: Thanks again: (ps, I have found iPhones , used on Ebay for $65 without a simcard ; they are fully functional as a computer for coding Arcade and connect to the internet well via hotspot, Android phones are often $59 each , used)

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I am very happy to of helped you and I hope you can help those children to advance their coding capabilities!