Camera Scroll Extension

Here’s another extension that I’ve made. It adds some blocks that can be used to scroll the camera in the arcade.

It can be nice for level games where you want to give a preview of each level.


Awesome ive needed this!

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Doesn’t this already exist? I think it’s embedded in arcade (built-in extension)

I think that’s background scroll.

Oh, sorry! I must have missread your post. In that case, great extension!


Thanks, @Sarge!

FYI, for anyone who’s using this extension (or even if you aren’t) I’ve done some major updates to pxt-camera-scroll since this post was released, so I recommend updating the extension if you’ve downloaded it, since there are some major bug fixes in the new updates.

Update specifics:
  1. I’ve fixed a bug that made the camera scroll speed get faster each time you used the block.
  2. I’ve deleted a few unnecessary/troublesome blocks.
  3. I’ve slightly updated the block appearances and descriptions.
  4. I’ve changed the Camera Scroll blocks from their own namespace to the Scene namespace. The blocks are in the Camera section.

Here’s what the blocks looks like: