Can anyone help me to design some characters

please send me the sprites bellow👇🏻

What are you looking for?

Heres a chica sprite too

Here is one I’m pretty proud of (its ori from ori and the lost forest)

i’m looking for some kind of 8x8 pixel art

Oh well there both 16x16 pixel art

yeah sure!

what about a 8x8 rock man

Some space invaders art, thought I might just give you some.

btw happy birth day @Dreadmask197

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i meant a man made of rock

@SoftTalker is the rock man character like from a show or video game or just like rock with human features

Im not good at making smaller sprites :sweat_smile:


Looks good though

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(laughs in sadness)


and this:


But did you have to give me a seizure?