Can no longer update or import my project. Please halp!

I’m having huge issues with a project I’ve been working on for close to 100 hours now, issues seemingly making it impossible to continue with it or share it. When I try to push changes to the github repository from arcade in my browser I get the error message

“Github rate limit exceeded. Please wait and try again.”

but the changes are pushed, they just end up in a merge branch instead of the sole master I’ve been working with. I can then clone the repository to my PC and merge all the changes into master and push them back to the github, deleting the merge branch with no apparent problem. When I go back into the project, however, it claims there are local changes to be reverted and clicking the revert all button does little. The image of the supposedly changed code disappears and is replaced with “some blocks have moved or changed”. When I try the Pull changes button I get the same rate limit error message. I don’t get this error message on other repos, which I can create and alter as normal, and researching it online has left me baffled. When I try to download the project to a different browser or PC I get the error “network request failed.”

I’ve tried recreating the project in a new project but neither the tilemaps carry over (main.ts only refers to them by name e.g. tilemaplevel20) nor do custom images appear in my assets, even after I copy over assets.json, images.g.jres(.g.ts), and tilemap.g.jres(.g.ts) and editing pxt.json to look for them. I thought of trying to recreate the project using a .png or .uf2 file but I can’t find any way to create one of those for a project that has a repository. The save button seems to disappear when a repository is created.

Ideally I’d like to be able to continue accessing this project and its repository like normal or, barring that, learn some way, any way, that I can recreate it and transfer all the images and animations over without spending another dozen hours in the image editor.

@peli FYI

By the way, pressing the Download button while no MakeCode Arcade device is connected to the computer will just download a .UF2 file, which you can import too.

I also wrote a post about copying and pasting:

Thank you. I just needed to choose random hardware from the list and it then moved onto the step of creating a .uf2. Unfortunately, when I try to import this file I get a “cannot recognize this file” error. It’s not the process. I tried exporting/importing a different project and that worked perfectly.

As for copying and pasting I’m not sure if that will work. I opened a copy of my project and a new one to c&p tiles into. I copied the first tile successfully but when I went back to get the second tile I found all assets and code erased permanently in the source project. I suppose I could make a new copy of the source project for every single asset but that also sounds painful.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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@guppy can you give us a pointer to the github or a share link?

Hm, looks like master is breaking in that repo because the code is functions from the arcade sprite data extension but pxt.json doesn’t include that – maybe a merging error? As a start, could you check if this version looks alright:

(I fixed the imported package and switched it back to blocks - it’s a bit larger than the current max blocks size, might see about raising that a bit)

The other portion sounds a bit like a bug we noticed the other day with regards to it noting changes and not being able to get rid of them – will need some more investigation to find out what’s going on there.

Thank you, @jwunderl, it looks exactly as I left things. I was able to create a new repository and push changes to it successfully, so it looks like I’m good to go for now. Here’s to hoping it won’t happen again :smiley:

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Well, it looks like I spoke too soon. I went in and tried to start naming and eliminating the many duplicate images that somehow cropped up and now it’s back to “Github rate limit exceeded. Please wait and try again.” when I try to upload and “network request failed” when I try to download. I’m beginning to feel like this is just a cursed project with no future.

Try keeping a google doc or word document, that may work.

Could you download a .uf2 or .png? If you don’t mind losing your commit history, it may be easiest to export your project, import it, and create a repo from there - but I would consider this as a nuclear option.

Weird that it happened again; one of the devs on our team ran into this issue (here: and it ended up being an issue with oauth / organizations not allowing access but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Needs some investigation, but we should be able to figure something out :frowning: