Unable to pull changes from Github repo


I have been working on two computers. Created a project on computer A, pushed to github repo. I have imported repo on computer B, then worked on it, pushed some changes.

Now, back on computer A, I am trying to pull the changes. When I hit “Pull Changes” button, it says “You need to commit your changes before you can pull from GitHub.”.

Below that it says: “There are local changes.” so I click on the “Revert All” button (there shouldn’t be any local changes I am aware of so no problem in reverting anyway).

After reverting I’m pulled back into the Editor again. I click again on the Github icon, next to the project name, to try an pull the changes from the repo, and:

  • it keeps saying there are local changes (which there shouldn’t be any),
  • I’m back at the same point, it won’t let me pull changes (it says “You need to commit your changes before you can pull from GitHub.” all over again).

So basically there I’m caught in a loop I seem to be unable to exit.

Only way I have found to work that around is to destroy the project , and import it again.

I am doing something wrong?

This used to happen to me before - if a block shifts slightly, then it counts as a change. When you leave the Github page, sometimes the blocks shift which counts as a diff. I would just re import the Github repo

Hm, could you point me to your repo so I can take a look? And I’m assuming this is on the normal site, not beta?

Also, is this in blocks or javascript? If it’s being edited in blocks, it’s possible that some files aren’t being shown for some reason. Switching to javascript and committing in that case should fix it (if it does it would be helpful to hear what file shows up there that is causing this)

I forgot to mention, indeed I am using Beta. Actually I don’t know why, and now I’d like to revert as I am having also another issue (I’ll open a new thread for that one).

So back to this issue, today I was actually able to Revert All Changes on one of the two computers and then Pull the Changes from the repository. So it seems to be an intermitent problem maybe. Not a big one anyway.

Ah, okay, that’s helpful! I’ll check it out, if it’s in blocks it’s very likely a poor interaction between the asset editor & the github integration that can be cleaned up. (the asset editor adds new files for keeping track of images / etc, so it’s very possible they’re getting filtered out from the display and causing mischief).

re: going back to the normal site, I would highly suggest staying on there for any projects that you want to keep – beta changes a lot, and we’ll sometimes make changes between beta versions that can break things (but we try our best to make sure any changes on the regular site are handled by upgrade rules / etc). If you’re currently working in beta with an extension it might be annoying to switch back to the live site at this point though; might want to wait for our upcoming release and then stick to live site then.