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Can not connect to MIT scratch

I tried to connect scratch to micro:bit.

According to the guidance:

Install Scratch Link (skip this step for Chrome OS and Android).

I tried chrome browser on Andoid.

Scratch can not find micro:bit (using bluetooth).

I have flash the hex file into micro:bit, and have seen see the five-character name of the micro:bit scroll across the screen eg ‘zutiz’.

mcrobit-more did work, but I need to use mit scratch website.

Is there anyway let scratch work on Android?

@dsssssssss9 , Jason, Do you have anything to offer on this question ? I know we were looking into it. Thx.

@create To connect on Android, you’ll need to use the Scratch app rather than the chrome browser

The notes in state that it is only compatible with Android tablet devices.

Can I install Scratch on my Android phone?

No. The current version of Scratch for Android only works on tablets.

Any questions re. Scratch, please get in touch via