Microbit cannot connect to computer through USB after flashing scratch setting

My microbit cannot connect to commpter (Win 11 os) when plug in USB now.
the board was able to connect to PC before.
I think it happen just after I install some setting on it to let the microbit can work with Scratch.
I followed the instruction :

I installed a scratch link program in PC and flashed the file “scratch-microbit-1.2.0.hex” to microbit.
It works. so that I can connect the board with scratch editor.

but the problem exist when I found that it cannot connect to the PC through USB now. When it plug in, the PC does not pop to show new USB device. on the microbit , the power led is on. and the LED on the board shows a five digit code, I think it should be its serial code. (on this situation it can connect with scratch online editor)

even i try to flash a hex file by “makecode.microbit.org” online editor. it cannot connect with Microbit.

I want to know how to remove the sratch setting in my microbit and let it connect to PC with USB, so that i can program it with normal online makecode editor. thanks