Can someone make a 2player 3d extension?



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NOTE: this is just a quick hack that I did by copy/pasting some code and changing the angle of viewing. Not much has been done to this code and it isn’t workable into a multiplayer game. I (most likely) won’t be making a two player raycast extension, and Idk what @AqeeAqee 's intentions are. MakeCode may in the future make online multiplayer where every player gets their own screen, and that would be a lot easier to use for the raycast EXT, all that would have to be implemented is seeing other players.


wow! cool!

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Yep, that’s possible, and thanks for @Kiwiphoenix364 's quick cool demo to prove it.
I agreed with @Kiwiphoenix364. Players have each own screens, and only sync positions of other player and NPC’s would be much better, I think.


Aqee Aqee new coder can you please make an extension were each player sees there own character for the hosting multiplayer games.