How do I implement the raycasting extension with the multiplayer extension?

So I recently found out about the multiplayer extension (where players can play together with different devices) but when I tried using the raycasting extension along with it, I couldn’t set the “myself sprite” to be the player I want. And I also want it so that every player can play in 3D in their own POV.

Any solutions or ways I can do/solve this?

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No. The Arcade screen is shared between all devices in multiplayer, same as if you were to connect 4 controllers.

Eventually, the Arcade devs want to implement each player having their own camera in multiplayer, but that might not be anough, as the raycasting extension is not designed for more tgan 1 person. You could ask @AqeeAqee to see if it’s possible, though I doubt it I without a lot of time and effort spent.

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ok i guess ill just let the devs do the stuff