Can someone make a real 3d extension

please i really want it

Define “real 3D.” :wink:

Closest you’ll get to 3D in MakeCode Arcade is probably the excellent raycasting extension made by @AqeeAqee.


you could look up and down and all around but still use tiles and tiles can have 3d textures and you can place tiles on top of each other and you can make 3d sprites aka models but everything is still pixelated that might sound like a lot of stuff but you don’t need to do it all

@kwx has made some 3d rendered games in the past, but I feel like an extension is a lot of work

Maybe moving is the ASWD buttons and looking is JIKL buttons?


What @Sarge said is that @kwx’s demos are probably the closest thing to what you are looking for - but I do not believe there are extensions for it.

that is a good idea but i kinda also want it to work on hardwares with cranks

mabye you are able to change moving to looking in the menu

thats a good idea!

OK how bout this everyone here makes a real 3D extension and i use the one that i like OK?

Easier said than done buddy, you can’t just pull a super complex extension out of your pocket. If you really need one, try making it yourself.

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I don’t know how to make extensions!

If you’re interested, the full extension documentation can be found here, and the additional documentation for defining custom blocks within extensions is here (the part you may be more interested in).

Another super useful tool while working with extensions is the playground which lets you tinker with extensions in real time. Have in mind that all of this requires prior Javascript knowledge to work with (the basics - obviously, as well as namespaces, enums, exporting, classes, factories and so on.)
P.S: Making 3D projections in real time is really difficult and reqires a lot of mathematical and programming knowledge. You might want to read a few books or articles on it to get a grasp first

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