Need extentions?

I know how to make extensions! if you need a custom extension, I can make it.

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Hmm… there is a really good extension I might want you to make, because I do not know how to make extensions yet… what about a 3D racing extension inspired by @demoCrash 's racing game? I would be really dumbfounded if you could do such an amazing extension.

can you make a extension like the save the forest bc I don’t know where to find it

could you specify what


I think this is what you are looking for:

could you make an extension wich gives a 2.5d platormer effect to blocks turning flat tilemaps into side sccrolling cubes with angle?

yes it is thx

Maybe add easy multiplayer to the 3D renderer extension.

could you update the split screen extension to have a “shake split screen camera by (num) pixels for (num) seconds” pls?

sorry, @SOCKMONSTER12 . I do not know how to make extensions off of other people’s extensions.

@cSquared, could you make an extension that resets your high score without using the Block Settings extension? It’s totally fine if not.

alright :sleepy:

I need an extention for making enemies that move in a linear pattern so that i dont have to make an incredibly long “element (value) of (array of all # locations)” function. Can you do that for me?