Can someone make an extension

that keeps your code but just shrinks it kind of to like decrease the memory so I can actually play my big games on my hardware’s rather than getting error 404 for it being too big and then deleted unsaved progress ruining the file as there are some games I have that are cool and have alot of stuff on in the game and no matter how simple I make it it’s always too big


No. Lots of assets are already compressed internally by MakeCode which are decompressed before use, and the microcontrollers supported by MakeCode Arcade don’t support decompressing instructions on the fly from flash. You might be able to write an interpreter but it would be much slower and provide even less memory.


I’d reckon at this point it’s just impossible ¯\ _ (ツ) _/¯
Considering all the optimisations already in place, making the code run even less memory intensive is very difficult. Not to mention, this is low level stuff and extensions have no way to tinker with that, making them obsolete in this disscussion

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send me the progect, i can try to make it faster

get a better mini SD