Can you code this for me

@UnsignedArduino can you make the Fortnite theme song for me But Can you make it short so I can put it on repeat?
Please and Thank You.


Ahhhh the times when fortnite was still the best game of all… everyone started playing it… But I wasnt allowed to play it… I have a disease called :dizzy: extremly strict parents :dizzy: I was allowed to play it when I got 13… But this is music that brings you back to OG!


GG :smile:

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GG :grin:

Well, guess I’m the outlier…never liked Fornite…

This also didn’t turn out super amazing, for reasons unknown to my small brain.

Here is a demo, which you can watch to:

If you don’t want all the extra goodies, here is just the plain one:

Just call play_song() in a forever loop or whatever you want to do. Set the global variable stop_music to true if you want to stop the song. It will reset once you start playing the song again.


Putting the code in does not work at all it says I have 101
time errors. (BRUH)

Sorry, forgot to say you need the timers extension…

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Ohhhhhhhh. Got it

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Me neither ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I sort of like fortnite but I suspect that minecraft will come back


It has happened where I live.


Not yet for me (I live in England (GMT time) and all of my classmates are absolutely OBSESSED with the game

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i like minecarft cause i can use my creativity to build house and park core really just anything

but i do not have minecarft


Fortnite has building.

Building in Fortnite doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue:

Plz don’t try to convince me, trust me, it is just annoying that people try to change my mind, which is impossible on this topic.

But I have a creative mode in which you could build anything.

Everyone has a different opinion on this, but I’m sort of on the fence, and I’m very hard to get off the fence (basically I’m 50/50 about this and I won’t bow to peer pressure)

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