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An extension that adds Loopable songs to use in your games

Well I made an extension that adds loopable songs to your game. These songs were made to go into dragon masters but then when they were done they did not fit the game well. So I made an extension that added the song into blocks in hope of the 2 hours of work will not go to waste. So I put all the songs in a album and named it CatQuestVo1. Then I turned it into a block so you could get it into your projects easily. That took another hour, I got to stop spending time on stuff that I wont use.
Well here is the block
Microsoft MakeCode Arcade - Google Chrome 11_14_2021 9_32_32 AM



how do I put this into my game?

sorry it seem to make my game broken

Hopefully this helps You need to Import extension with the URL:


I’ve tried that multiple times, but Makecode doesn’t recognise your extension. I think you forgot to put the ‘pxt’ in front of your extension name. (I dont know how extensions work, so that might not be the case)

This is confusing because it loads just fine on my laptop.

Can I perhaps use this for my games?

Yes if it works for you

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