Can you guy help me with these two games? and on the space boss beta game the only problem is that i’m trying to make it jump but it doesnt let me i checked a lot of times to see what’s the problem but i just can’t figure it out and on the two player fighting game the only problem is that whenever you try and punch i you are far away from the other player and try to punch it still punch and also there is another problem that yall can check its because im kinda new to makecode arcade and ya know…

For Space Boss Beta, you need to add gravity on the player! Like below:


The “mySprite is hitting wall” is kind of a tricky block, even if the sprite is standing next to the wall (like you had it it here), it’s not actually hitting the wall unless it has some velocity or acceleration towards the wall, so “myspritejump” is not set to 0 unless the player has acceleration. (Also, I love the intro to this game–starting out in space with the countdown, then switching to the planet tilemap is so cool!)

Updated code here:

For Two Player Fighting, you’ll want to check if the player one and player two sprites are overlapping, before you subtract a life:

That way it only hits the opponent if you are close by. Updated code here:


thank you both of these work!

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