Microsoft MakeCode

Can you guys help me make a call of duty zombie

We r going to make a zombie it is going to include powerpunchs bars round dolors to buys stuff and different maps please help me

Call of duty zombie

No but can you please

i can help you draw the characters if you want

@Mnexe are you there???

Yes Iā€™m here yes can you please make to people and zombie

sure and when I clicked on the game link I could not see any code

you might need to fix that

Ok for your reward do you have an Xbox

Can you my computer is in the shop

I do have an xbox

since you computer is in the shop I do now how to bring the art code but not how to code the whole game because I do not now how to code the whole game and do you want me to even draw the good guy too???

Yes but I was going to get you an Xbox gift card for helping me

Yes can you try to draw to if we can do2 players

I got my computer out if the shop

that is how the enemy looks I do not know how to attach it so i send you the picture
(when i say attach i mean that I opened the tab and i added my code but when i opened my tab to see if it still would be there it was not so you can draw it )

oh okay i was just reading your reply because I needed help in coding my racing game

I like the zombie and yes I can help you

here you go same problem with the first one

thanks and I could not respond because I was in a Meating doing a test