Can you run makecode arcade on a raspberry pi pico (rp2040)

the device will probably run makecode arcade very well, but is it officially supported?

Not officially, as far as I know, unfortunately.

When will the official support arrive, @MakeCode and @raspberrypifoundation?
(BFFs :heart::heart::heart:)

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yea i hope so too

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Then, again, @nova1, I stumbled upon a new hardware, RP2040 when downloading files from MakeCode Arcade today:

Since this was the regular production version and not beta, it is definitely official. But how it is supported and works is unknown to me and I can not find any documentation.

Maybe it is connected to this post somehow, where they discuss with the @MakeCode team some new hardware based on the RP2040 for MakeCode Arcade?:

As you saw there is support for raspberry pi zero, but it is limited to the specific version that is now hard to find (if I recall correctly it is just on the original Raspberry Pi Zero model, so not the Zero 2 or Zero W). I don’t have experience running on the newer versions though, unfortunately :frowning:. Anything that can run a version of linux might try to see if that’s runnable, though it might be… tough on these smaller devices.

thanks, sadly while the raspberry pi pico can run unix it cannot run linux, also i think a web browser would be too demanding for it

I did get this working. I had a lot of help from Michal (MakeCode team). I will make a video showing how I did it and publish later this week.

Meanwhile yes it’s in the online build. I had to use the pin configuration tool and UF2 generator to get my PICO pinout (and later, RP2040 custom board pinout) working. There are still a few things that I have not gotten to work and it might be that those items aren’t sully supported yet in the underlying CODAL operating system for RP2040.

I really hope that CODAL and MakeCode can be updated to support the multiple cores in the RP2040. That would be a “game changer” (pun intended).

For now, here’s proof:

The second was a custom board designed for Autodesk’s “University” user conference in 2022. I did the application for the badge using MakeCode Arcade. That’s the inspiration that lead me down this rabbit hole! But it was as frustrating as heck working with a chip that wasn’t officially supported when I began, and yet with their help I got it working and found the project inspiring in the end (after 50+ hours of trying many things and reading through all the docs and source code to finally piece together how it’s supposed to work).


A really great project and work, @xjordanx!!! (-and support, @mmoskal!!!)

Thanks for sharing! -And helping bridging the gap between two awesome maker communities around MakeCode and the Raspberry!

I have been waiting some time now for your follow-up video announced on YouTube, and now I am really looking forward to it! -Christmas is really early this year, maybe already next week, it seems…

Multiple cores or not, this is indeed really a MakeCode Arcade “game changer”! :wink:

PS @nova1: So far you have to enable Experimental hardware in the MakeCode Settings - About - Experiments menu to see the RP2040/Pico on the hardware download pages. I forgot to mention that earlier.

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Would you be able to share your .uf2 for raspberry pico? Thanks!