Can't remove the program once copied into the EV3

Once I copy a file over to the EV3 either from Explorer or by clicking the download button. I can’t delete it. The only way I’ve found to get rid of the uf2 programs is to force a firmware update wiping the entire brick. Anyone to delete files easily?

Well I came up with my own solution for now which was to create a C# app using Lego.Ev3.Desktop NuGet and Brick.SystemCommand.DeleteFileAsync("…/prjs/BrkProg_SAVE/‘filename’"). Much quicker than a FW update

There is a different workaround here

I don’t think we’ll have a real fix anytime soon.


(of course if you’re already working on a separate uploader app, you may as well add “Wipe EV3” button :slight_smile: )

Yes I’ll have something to delete files. One issue I found is that, the library that I’m using doesn’t have a way to List or Get the files in a given directory nor does the Delete call allow for wiled cards. There must be a command since the LME software can read the files. I’ll need to figure out what that command is and then extend the library. I also don’t see a command to launch a program so will also need to figure that out.

There is code to list and run here but we don’t use it since we don’t currently have direct access to the hardware

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Thanks for a really useful tool. I volunteer in a classroom using the EV3. We recently started using MakeCode, but I didn’t like having to use the Mindstorms IDE to reflash back one version then use the EV3 Device Manager (DM) to reflash back to v1.10E. It’s annoying that if the DM finds v1.10E it won’t give you a chance to reflash anyway.
And I need to start each trimester group of students with a clean brick.