Can't sign into account

When I try to log into my account on the forum, I enter my username and password, but it says they’re incorrect. I remember my information and I have it saved in my passwords, but it says they’re invalid for some reason. The only way I can sign is by requesting a link that will log me in. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I would greatly appreciate the help.


You might’ve forgotten your password

In cases like this, one thing you typically want to check is if any unexpected devices have accessed your account, or if you see anything “weird” – messages sent, things posted, or on other accounts possibly purchases or anything of the sort (I’m saying this as just good practice, not implying that it’s happening in this case – a common way that hackers used to get access to accounts on social media platforms was to trick the user into resetting their password, changing the password, and then using that account to trick more people, so any case like this can be good to feel slightly suspicious of :slight_smile: ).

On discourse it’s relatively simple to check this; go to preferences:


then click Security


and you can see devices you have recently logged in from.

Assuming nothing appears wrong with the devices listed on that page, you can also create a link to reset your password.

Other than that I’m not certain why the login information would have changed, but either way changing your password is typically something that is better to do more often that people actually do it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help!

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