Makecode Forum Feature Idea : Linked Account

Take me and my announcements account, @E-EnerG-Gamecentral2. It’s still me on both, but I still need 2 emails in order to have them both. What would be cool is if there would be a feature called “Linked Accounts”.

For Linked Accounts when you sign up to the forums with an alt account, you can enter the makecode forums member that you are “linked” to. This will send an email to that member (if he/she exists)'s email as a verification (Are you linked to (insert makecode forum name here)?) and below that Yes and no. If he/she says no, then access to link accounts will be denied. Otherwise, your accounts could be held on a single email accounts. On the makecode forums, there could be 2 user icons instead of 1

The preceding is a concept of what this would look like. The concept was made in Paint 3D.
Also, there could be a post as option if you have a linked account.
Reply As,
Also data can be transferred so that if you’re tracking a thread (such as the Fast Random Extension), your linked account would also be tracking it.
You can have up to 3 linked accounts.

There could be an option in the user’s settings to link accounts, and same as new users, there will be a verification email sent out. Then it will ask if you would still like to use the email for notifications. If it says no the existing email will no longer receive notifications from the forums and the email will be transferred to the other email you are trying to link with.
The preceding is a concept of what this would look like. The concept was made in Paint 3D.
It could show linked accounts in the users summary, which would look like the UI in the Invites tab.

I hope this could be added in the Makecode Forums, since it would be an interesting feature!


Wow, very complicated but a good idea.

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Hi there! Cool idea. This Forum is built on Discourse. I didn’t see a way to link accounts on Discourse… ( Docs - Discourse Meta) but let me know if you find out.


okay :slight_smile: