Cart/Game Internal battery sim?

What I mean is, could we/is it possible, under current hardware, make a system that allows the game to check time while the system is off? Or, at least, I think thats how it worked for the gba, like Pokemon Emerald had a clock system (kinda obscure example, but anyway). Is it possible to do something like this on Makecode Arcade? Then we could have daily rewards systems and stuff! That would be helpful, any ideas


The current hardware does not have an RTC or other methods to get the current time or date. You would need external hardware plus extra code that you will need to write yourself.

The simulator obviously can easily obtain access to the time / date if implemented by the Arcade team, but that probably won’t happen without universal hardware support.

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yes, we could certainly make this happen in the browser but @UnsignedArduino is correct, our hardware spec does not include an RTC so we couldn’t make it work on hardware.

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the gameboy/gba actually didn’t have an RTC either. Instead they shipped it in the cartridge itself with it’s own battery. That’s why my copy of pokemon ruby no longer has a clock (the battery died :cry:).

same thing for gameboy color games like pokemon gold/silver/crystal and more obscure games like robopon which is definitely not just pokemon with robots. definitely.

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Ye, in the carts themselves was what I meant! Maybe using jacdac to implement one, for @UnsignedArduino’s idea?

You could certainly do this with jacdac!

@peli do you have an RTC jacdac module by any chance?

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