Time & Date Blocks

I shared this on other forums, but not here. A few months ago I made a set of Time & Date blocks, which are now an approved extension. I’d appreciate any feedback.

They can be used for:

You can find them by searching for “microbit-pxt-timeanddate” in the extensions.

Documentation is here: https://makecode.microbit.org/pkg/bsiever/microbit-pxt-timeanddate

Oh, a bonus…here’s an example of a binary clock using them: https://makecode.microbit.org/_MJqeqei2aFjJ .
The time needs to be set first. Hold “A” to advance the hour, then hold “B” for a bit to move on to minute. Again hold “A” to advance the minute, then “B” to move on. Then the clock will be shown. The first two columns represent the hour, then a column that blinks “:” (off 1 second then on 1 second), then two columns for the minute. The least significant bit is the bottom row of each column.