Castle crawler

fight snakes and collect treasure!:slight_smile:

Looks great!

This is incredible! I like that the snakes go back to sleep if you wait a bit, and the art for the health vending machines is awesome.


Definitely the most fun I’ve had hitting snakes with a club to get a toothbrush. Two thumbs up!

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It’s amazing

Thanks for this, it’s been a great reference tool :+1:t5:

I Love It! It Is So Fun!

hello alright i thought your game was really cool and i’m creating a game called the world of humans and ogres and there is still a lot to do you could help me a lot by answering my comment with a picture of the attack system and how to animate the enemies and make them walk I would be very happy :grin:

This Is A Really Fun Game!


^ what he said
It’s amazing, this is what a dungeon game should look like.

It just cannot be any better than this.
Great game and a great study.

really great game

Graphics were just super cool. :smile:

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ok! :slight_smile:

this game is great! i am making a game like this but it has multiple dungeons and a over world.


gusses adventure

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I came to ask permission about copying your game and add a boss battle to it. Is that okay?