Castle Runner!

a castle game!
Once you have killed all the nasty snakes, you’re free to explore this large castle! It has loads of goodies, health machines, and door opening levers!

By sagar

PS: this is still in progress. i am going to add a few more levels and maybe a bigger castle to explore. leave suggestions as a reply!

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Are you sure this isn’t game isn’t from this game? (Not trying to be rude)

Good game, have any ideas on what I can make

yeah sorry. (mine is like a knock-off version)
I didnt have any ideas on what to make, so i saw this game (yours). then i tried coding it myself, and made thsi. its not the exact same though, there a few chenges (like the map is a lot bigger).

anyway, sorry if you were offended. :smiley:

It’s not my game. You just tried recreating the game did you?

yes, i did. (i was out of ideas.)

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