Cats hate water

I’m trying to make the water rise in this game. any idea how?
I’ve tried using projectiles in water blocks but it doesn’t work

Here’s how I would do it:

  1. Create a variable for the current tilemap row that has water (in your example, looks like row 49)
  2. Add an on game update interval block to raise the water level
  3. Inside of that game update, decrease the current row by 1 (to raise the water level by 1 row)
  4. Use a for-index loop to loop over the entire width of the tilemap and set each tile in the current row to be water

This is what i got so far

You want to loop over the width instead of the height. So the upper bound should be 15 and not 49.

And it you look in the scene category, there is a “set (tile) at (location col row)” block. Inside that loop, the “index” will be the column and “water rising” will be the row.

p.s. if you right click on the workspace, there is a “Snapshot” option that will download a picture of your code.

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Thanks it work!