Character Clone Error

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to fix a problem with my game that I have been trying to fix for a while but haven’t been able to. This is my game:

new arcade game

Whenever I try to play as my character “P0rt3r”, there always seems to be a clone of it that moves with the character. I’m not sure if it is something wrong with my code or my animation, but it would be great if someone could help me with this problem. Thanks a lot and I look forward to your responses.

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idk how to fix it it is probably a bug or something like that

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If you move the cursor to the left slowly it should be a bit more obvious – the issue is that you’re spawning both characters on the left (It’ll say “You chose John” for a moment before flashing to “You chose P0rt3r”), as you overlap with both in between the pause.

Here’s a version that should work but requires you to click ‘a’ to select the character:


Thanks so much for the help!!!

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