Check out Script-8 - a js based fantasy console

I wanted to bring to the attention of the devs here a new project I just discovered called Script-8 that is a JS based fantasy console that has a lot of amazing concepts that might well find a home here as well :

SCRIPT-8 is designed to encourage play — the kind of wonder-filled play children experience as they explore and learn about the world. In order to support this goal, everything in SCRIPT-8 has immediate feedback. It is what some call a “livecoding” environment.

It would be super cool if you devs reached out to this developer and see perhaps if there’s some way to share ideas and maybe you might enlist his / her help in bringing some of those cool concepts into MakeCode … would be killer!

Thanks for the pointer! They definitely have some neat debugging features, but they would be pretty difficult to bring to arcade and still support the hardware.

Very impressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if arcade covered all that and more in the future. Can’t wait to find out!

I’m fascinated by one of Script-8’s inspirations, which is an article called “Learnable Programming” by Bret Victor. Victor, in turn, references Papert (along with many others). If you’re a computer science educator, and if you have not done so already, read Papert’s Mindstorms. I hadn’t read Victor’s material until tonight … and, now, I want to read more from him.

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Thanks for this response! I’m checking out the link as well.

PICO-8 is also a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games.