Check variable status

I’m using a custom variable to set the level in OnStart, and then using that level variable to determine what level I’m on with a function full of IF/ELSE and maps for each level. However, when I change the level variable with a food overlap, so if my player overlaps the food the level variables goes up by 1, where do I then set up a variable checker? Should that be a game update every second that looks for what level I’m on? Thanks for any tips!

I don’t think there is a need to set up a variable checker. I’ve used the same technique like you in my early projects back in September 2021. But if you really want to you can use the scoring system to keep track or some kind of number counter layout like in the Halo-Doom I made.

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Thanks! Looks like you’re using game update. Is that it?

Looks like a function with the IF/ELSE called inside the overlap of food is working nicely.

Yup! You got it!