Chicken Run (game)



Why did the chicken cross the road? To save his eggs of course… The object is to gather eggs during rush hour traffic and get the highest score.


That chicken is amazing


The chicken is very sweet! It is like me, always eating :chicken:


I like it!I will try it in my hardware :grinning:

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Try adding some “effects” on your sprite! Need to draw a splash screen

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I love this! Nice spin on the classic Frogger!

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We would like to show case your awesome games on the home screen. Would you be willing to try out our new submission process? The instructions are at and hopefully they are good enough that we can take your game in.


For sure…l have a few things to wrap up today, but will try it tomorrow.


@vidget, we added a link to this game on the homescreen under the Community Games category!

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