Choose playersprite

a base for playersprite gender choice

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Your main code (the player choosing part) was in the on start which is not a great idea especially the way you did it as the on start only runs once (On start runs on start (what a surprise right?)) I made them into A/B and you can switch between characters! The (If(mySprite2) then delete mySprite2) is here to check if mysprite2 (girl) exists and if it does it gets removed so its only the boy (same the other way around).

But still the easiest way to do this is like this! Make a sprite and make it moveable in On Start and change the image of it when A/B is pressed! I hope this helps to make your future codes a bit simpler! (Believe me simple codes are awesome! Imagine you look at a project you did a long time ago and want to code on it but the code is so confusing (I talk with experience) I made Among Us not once but twice and always failed because my code was too big and too complicated… I had everything! Animations for 7 other players and you, 5+ Skins, 8+ hats, 8+ pets and many colors! I had AI the full map and even did some sort of task system… I made killing and venting and also had voting in work… Then I clicked on JavaScript to remove an extension or something and I couldnt get it back to blocks because it was too much to convert… Rip many hours of my life
Anyway I hope this helps and have a great day!

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oh, sorry to confuse, yes if that was the only goal, i’d do that. however, i wanted the choosing the sprite thing to be a one time thing for a RPG style game, and meant to use it as a ‘skeleton’ of sorts.
thanks for the help though!

here’s the latest version: