CloudCoin- A Crypto Trading Simulator!

Hello! I will make a description soon! Here is the game! More Updates soon! (Alpha Version)

Thanks! Hope you enjoy!


Hello! You probably have heard of Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin or Dogecoin! So I made my own!
Invest until you are rich!

B: Opens buy (invest) and sell menu!
A: Activates the current thing in the menu!
Up/Down: Move in menu
Up+Down: Opens reset screen! You can reset your saves(Auto saving)
Left: Opens Multiplier Upgrading page! You need 1000 to buy (Press B to buy) Make sure you have at least 50$ extra else you can not invest anymore!
Right: Pauses the game

First a loading screen appears! Then a grid like thing opens as well as the menu! First you need to invest! Then you should see the picture change! When it is red and goes down the buy and sellprice sink! So you can either invest more or press on close and see what happens! When it is green and goes up you either can close and wait until it rises more or sell! You should invest when the price is low (>30$ is best) Then when you see that it rises either risk it and see if t goes higher or sell! (Risk is that it might drop) Just ask if you have questions!

WARNING This currency is NOT worth any real money! It is just a game!
(Just in case :grimacing:)
This game is hardware compatible! (Tested for meowbit) After about 1 minute when you stay in the menu an error will shut it down! But you should not stay in the menu too long anyways!

The game!
Here is V1.0.0! Bug fixes and more will be here!

Anymore questions? Let me know!
Thank you hope you have a wonderful day! (:


nice game