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Hello! I decided to make a Crypto Mining game! (Not accurate) And there is a issue I can not solve…

Just press B and press A to select the Buy Button! (Do this 5+ times)
Then when you did that press B and go on Sell! Then you see what you spent and how much you made and below the profit!
The issue is that you start with 3000$ then you spend (example) 50$ and yoy sell for 75$ So you have 25$ profit! So you might think that your money then is 3025$ right? Well actually not for some reason… Please solve this asap so I can continue!
(@shakao I need you math wizard)

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Here is a little Update! It goes aitomatically! You need to invest first before you can sell! Make sure to invest when the price is not too high!

Still after like the first trade there is something wrong I think! (It starts at 0… but the money is not rising by height rather by what you invested…!)
Thanks! (:

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Another Update! I fixed a problem! That the second, third… trade started at 0! The multiplier was set to 0 instead of one so it did (something) * 0 is always zero! I will post the version later I just wanted to say it is fixed! Also I will continue this game in another topic!
See you there! Thanks!

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Ahh, glad you figured it out! Maybe you were the real math wizard all along… (Also I love the chart animation and colors in this, it looks awesome! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the full game)


I currently have a problem with the saving extension! I made a multiplier that you can upgrade! In an Game Update I made the savings block Save mlt (Multiplier) and in On start I have If saving of kind mlt exists then set it to mlt (else it sets to the basic) So I made a test button to see what it is (I see the multiplier) (The multiplier increases with everytime you buy! And you can increase the increase of the multiplier!) But when I restart the money is there but not the multiplier… Can you help?
(Right is Where you see your current multiplier increase per buy
Left is the Upgrade Menu (Press again to close)
And B (When in Upgrade Menu) Buys
Press up+down to see the reset screen! Enter r to reset (Deletes all data))
I might just make a “Upgrades Bought” thing that saves and per Upgrade it gets increased by 0.1
Thanks! Glad you like it!

You’re always setting the multiplying num to be 0.1 after you read the setting. See the block at the bottom of this screenshot

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